Level designing and coffee

Afternoon guys!
We’re currently cranking away heavily at the level design, using the most advanced tools seen to man: squared legal pad and colored bic pens. Since the game is designed using Unity, we’ve found little or less need of actually constructing a separate level editor. Since every cell has three states: empty, blocked or built-on, the legal-pad-and-pen approach works really well, at least for the first draft of each level.

Powered by dangerous amounts of coffee, the designs are coming along very nicely and soon we’ll begin implementing them in the game.

Once the draft is done, our brilliant programmers work their magic and Presto, the level is done!

Release date is coming quite soon and there’s a lot of levels to construct, so we better get back to it.

’till next time!

…and we’re off!

We are up and running, finally.

Alright, here we go:

Mjölnir Games is a newly started indie game studio, located in Karlskrona, Sweden.

We’re a bunch of ambitious and fun-seeking game development students that has decided to make games our way. Most of us have one year left of our education and we use whatever spare time we have to make awesome, fun and sometimes silly games. If you want to know more about us, take a gander at our About page.

We’re currently working on our first title: Way of the Knight, which is a puzzle game for mobile units and we’re looking at a release in late september. More info about the game can be found here.

This site will be used as a studio web page, as well as development blog, so make sure to tune in ever once in a while for updates, news and other fun stuff.


To start off, here’s a few proof of concept screens to take a gander at:

04 03

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