Mjölnir Games back from Hiatus

Alternate title: …so yeah, the game is not yet published.

Due to issues that I won’t go into here (and which are also the reason for our media blackout) the game has unfortunately been delayed quite significantly. We sincerely apologise for this and can only ask you to bear with us as we take the final steps towards releasing our first title. It’s an amazing, frustrating and altogether complex journey; both logistically and emotionally.

As of today, we are not comfortable providing and estimated release date and will, therefore, simply say that it is coming, and soon.

While you wait, however, please download the demo which can be found here. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides an excellent taste of what’s to come.

We’ll also make our best effort in keeping you updated with information, screenshots and similar right here on our web page, starting right now:

world3screen world3screen2 world3screen3

These are screenshots from three different levels of the third and last world (the dark and mysterious castle).

Until next time,