Mjölnir Games at Retrospelsfestivalen in Malmö

Mjölnir Games has been invited, and of course accepted, to attend Retrospelsfestivalen!

Retrospelsfestivalen is a new and exciting event where Gamers, Developers, Merchants and other enthusiasts come together to revel in everything that is Retro Video Games.

We will attend both as gamers (as if we could not) and developers, as we will both make sure to play a lot of fun games AND show off our own games. Way of the Knight, our first title will be demoed and gift codes will be handed out and we will, hopefully, be able to give a few first looks at our new project (dun dun dun).

Lastly, check out Retrospelsfestivalens website.

Take care, folks!

Way of the Knight launches on PC, Mac and Linux!


We’re glad, proud and happy, happy, happy to announce that Way of the Knight; our first title, is now also available for PC, Mac and Linux with the help of the awesome people at Humble Bundle!

Publishing the game for desktop units has been a goal almost since the first release of Way of the Knight and, while it has not always been our highest priority, we’ve always gravitated towards it in our discussions! Now it’s a reality! Woo!

As of now, the game can be purchased through our very own Humble Widget! Simply go to the Way of the Knight page and purchase the game! You get it for the PC, Mac and Linux, and, if you ask nicely (simply send us an e-mail), we can throw in a mobile version as well.

The game is fun, exciting, challenging and now for desktop!

Oh, by the way, please, please spread the word!