About us

Starting out with a few young, passionate game developers, Mjölnir Games is all about making fun, exciting games. Coming from various backgrounds, all team members ended up as game development students at BTH, in Karlskrona, Sweden, and then took the scary, but exciting step into the world that is Indie Game Development.

We love playing games, we love talking about the games and we certainly love developing games and so, that is what we do: cramped up in a room smaller than some walk-in closets, we crank away to our hearts’ content.

Our first title, Way of the Knight, was released in February 2014. Get it now on iOS and Android, and stay tuned for our future projects.

Gunnar Södergren
Project Manager

Robin Kolmodin
3D Artist

Robin Lindh Nilsson

Alexander Brodén

Louise Anjou
Art Director