Back from hiatus… again…

So, we published the Way of the Knight and then went on a media blackout on our website!  All according to a well-laid plan. I guess we should cue an evil laughter here. Anyone agree?

No, in all seriousness; we actually didn’t plan on letting the website stand as barren as an abandoned city in a spaghetti western from the 70s. It just happened, what with marketing the game on other channels, contacting reviewers and, for six of us, spending a lot, A LOT, of time on our Thesis projects.

Anyway, we’re back now, at least we hope we are, with a somewhat more regular posting frequency: this time with some news:


First of all: thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and/or purchased the game: each download means the world to us and it’s great to see that people like it. To those of you who have yet to download it (growl), feel free to check it out at the landing page and, if you feel inclined, give it a download.

Secondly, we’re currently busy with school projects, re-organizing the company and working on a new project. All of these topics will be given their own posts, in which we’ll give you more detailed accounts on all, so bear with us.

Lastly, we’re currently in discussions and negotiations regarding a PC, Mac and Linux version of Way of the Knight, which is awesome! The game will, most likely, be almost exactly the same, but with a few modification to better suit the desktop or laptop environment. More on that as we progress!

That’s it for now from the Mjölnir Team! Hope you enjoyed our little update. It will, hopefully, not be long until the next one.

Farväl, as we say in Sweden.

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