Way of the Knight Demo is live!

…since two weeks ago!

The Demo for our upcoming game Way of the Knight is currently Live on Google Play and awaiting review on the App Store. Being a slimmed demo of WotK, it contains 6 levels of fun gameplay and gives a great taste of what’s to come!

Find it at:


In other news, we’ve FINALLy been able to navigate all the red tape and, as such, are now just about ready to launch the full game! It will be submitted to Google Play and the App Store by the end of This Week and should thereby be available for purchase in no more than two weeks time!

Here’s a few screenshots of the game as seen on the iPhone:


Mjölnir Games at Gamex 2013!

In all the recent hysteria and crunching to get everything put in place for our long-waited release, we’ve been putting off posting something here, sorry to say.

Anyway, that’s being rectified as we “speak”, quite literally.

In awesome news: Mjölnir Games has been offered a spot at Gamex 2013, as part of The Squares Indie Developer showcase. We’ll be showing off our first title; Way of the Knight, market ourselves and our company and, perhaps most importantly, talk to awesome Indies and game enthusiasts. We’re incredibly excited about this opportunity and we’re currently in a state of “Making-sure-everything-is-in-place-panic”!

So, see you at Gamex?


Reworking the levels!

With the extra time from our delayed release, we’ve managed to get a lot of extra things done. The pathfinding alogortihm has been tweaked and tweaked again, the menus and HUD has been reworked and we’ve even managed to give all levels a major rework.

While the levels was fun and challenging before, they have now become more streamlined and provides a more appropriate learning curve, which is essential to our game. The rework still needs to tested and then tested again (get in touch on contact@mjolnirgames.se) if you wanna be part of that), but we feel confident that they’ll be fun, exciting and amazingly frustrating.


ScreenEdit ScreenPlay

We’re wading through the red tape at full speed and things are indeed progressing. Soon we’ll officially be a company and then it’ simply a matter of licenses and publishing. Exciting times!

International Coffee Day Crunch

… or ICDC , if you prefer.

Today we celebrate the International Coffee Day around the globe, an event that has been around since late 1980s. Over here at Mjölnir Games we celebrate by getting together for an all-day crunch session, Sunday or not.

During this crunch we will get as many levels as possible finished, tweak and fix the 2D graphics, iron out whatever bugs we still have lying around and, or course, drink copious amounts of coffee (what else is new, right).

IMG_6054 IMG_6055 IMG_6056 IMG_6059 IMG_6057

Mjölnir Games goes official… soon…

When simultaneously developing your first title AND starting up your company, you’re bound to hit a few speed bumps and we’re not an exception. This time, we ran into what feels like a wall of red tape: bureaucracy, business agreements and paper filing. Since having a registered company is needed to publish our games, we will unfortunately have to push our release another few weeks, to get everything put in place. We feel that this is a good news/bad news situation:

The bad news is that you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to enjoy our game, which is of course sad, but the good news is that while a few of us make our way through the red tape, the rest of us can focus on further polishing and enhancing Way of the Knight!

We apologize for the delay and promise to deliver a game that is even better than it would have been, had we released it on time.

New Team Member!

We are very happy to announce that we’ve added a ninth member to our troupe of talented techies. Louise Anjou, a brilliant 2D and 3D artist, joins us and puts her skills towards the 2D graphics of Way of the Knight and then takes on the role as Art Director for our next title, whatever it might be.


Mjölnir Games just became a whole lot more awesome!

For more info about our team as a whole, please check the About Us page.

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Way of the Knight needs your help!

One does not simply release a game without proper testing. The release date is closing in on us so we need to use the remaining development time wisely. It’s always hard for developers to know what areas or aspects of a product to focus on – even more so when the deadline is knocking on the door. We are going to release a test version of Way of the Knight to a selected group of people for testing. We are looking for people from all age groups, all backgrounds and who play games to any degree. If you would like the opportunity to see our work in progress up front and play it before everyone else while at the same time helping us with improvements – you should be a part of this selected group of people!

The entire process is quite easy and requires little from you testers. All you need to do is to acquire the game (which we will provide for you, obviously) play it until you finish the game (won’t take long, promise) and fill out a quick survey about your experience afterwards – that’s it!

The test period will be through 10th September and 16th September. For us to be able to monitor this test and to easier gather the results you will have to contact us in order to be a part of the test group.


Skype: Cedde_89
Facebook: Send a private message to us on our facebook page. Click here!

Feel free to spread this information so we can get as many testers as possible. Thank you!


Sincerely, Mjölnir Games

Level designing and coffee

Afternoon guys!
We’re currently cranking away heavily at the level design, using the most advanced tools seen to man: squared legal pad and colored bic pens. Since the game is designed using Unity, we’ve found little or less need of actually constructing a separate level editor. Since every cell has three states: empty, blocked or built-on, the legal-pad-and-pen approach works really well, at least for the first draft of each level.

Powered by dangerous amounts of coffee, the designs are coming along very nicely and soon we’ll begin implementing them in the game.

Once the draft is done, our brilliant programmers work their magic and Presto, the level is done!

Release date is coming quite soon and there’s a lot of levels to construct, so we better get back to it.

’till next time!

…and we’re off!

We are up and running, finally.

Alright, here we go:

Mjölnir Games is a newly started indie game studio, located in Karlskrona, Sweden.

We’re a bunch of ambitious and fun-seeking game development students that has decided to make games our way. Most of us have one year left of our education and we use whatever spare time we have to make awesome, fun and sometimes silly games. If you want to know more about us, take a gander at our About page.

We’re currently working on our first title: Way of the Knight, which is a puzzle game for mobile units and we’re looking at a release in late september. More info about the game can be found here.

This site will be used as a studio web page, as well as development blog, so make sure to tune in ever once in a while for updates, news and other fun stuff.


To start off, here’s a few proof of concept screens to take a gander at:

04 03

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