Way of the Knight strides onto the PC + New title?

Way of the Knight has been available on the market for about two months now and it has sure been an exciting period! For most of us at Mjölnir Games, this was the first game we’ve published, which makes the experience all the more thrilling.

The game is doing quite well on both the App Store and Google Play; both the Lite version and the Full version is being downloaded frequently, which is awesome!

Now, the next step for us, is to take the game onto the PC, Mac and Linux, which will give us opportunity to reach even more gamers! We’re currently looking in to which services we might publish through and what changes need to be made to the game in roder to be as awesome for PC as it is for Mobile. More on that as we progress!

Now, lastly, we’re currently discussing what our next projet should be, cause while WotK sure is a fun game, we feel that it is important for us to take the next step and get to working on another title! No rest for the wicked (or the Game Devs) as the old saying goes.

When we know more about how Way of the Knight will be published on the PC, Mac and Linux, we’ll be sure to let you know! And, of course, once we start developing a new title, we’ll make sure you know about it!

Until next time!

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