Winner of Sony Hackathon!

This past weekend, our brilliant Programmer and Sound Artist Robin Lindh Nilsson, attended the Sony Hackathon in Lund, Sweden, and guess what! HE WON!

His game Pond Tycoon, in which you create waves to provide power to buy generators, earned him a brand new Sony Playstation 4 and the honour of having won Sony Hackathon 2014.

The rest of us at Mjölnir are very proud of our dear Robin and we’ve quickly decided to give Pond Tycoon a proper release on the iOS and Android, to celebrate his victory and give gamers everywhere the chance to have a go at the game!

The game will be released within a couple of weeks, after we’ve jumped through the hurdles of publishing!

Until then, have a long and good gawk at the gameplay trailer and screenshots below!


screenshot_pond_tycoon_3-550x346 screenshot_pond_tycoon_4-550x344

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11 comments on “Winner of Sony Hackathon!

  1. Stort grattis till min underbare son. Underbart att du delar mitt stora data- och spelintresse. Älskar dig // Mamma ‘ISTQB Certified Tester Full advanced level’

    • We’re very glad to hear it! We’ll be sure to let you know personally when it’s available!

      / Mjölnir Games
      via Gunnar

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